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Dark Angel

Half Naughty and half nice.

Sometimes contrasting elements that are a bit out of place — discordant are more satisfying than those that are harmonious. Both have their place and variety is the spice of life as the saying goes. It’s not an all or nothing proposal in most cases. When I got together with Lauren for a bit of wardrobe play and experimentation. The first ensemble seemed to inspire experimentation with varying degrees of discordance between costume, mood, and over all feel. Over all I decided to go with more somber tones in the lighting department.

Most photographers go and photograph something that they see, that exists, and that somebody else has created - they document it. But fashion photographers have to create what they’re going to photograph. We have to go into the thought and build it up, get a girl, get a guy, get a situation, get the house, get the decor. It’s the meaning of the word photography: writing with light. Mario Testino

There are dozens that I like from this set. Below are a small sample for consideration. As I’ve mentioned before, I think play and continous curiosity is essential in any form of art and especially so in the visual realm.